Elementary Children’s Health Education Multi-media Package

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Multimedia, Book, Posters, Pamphlets, & DVD


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Package contains:

CCHH01D        Creating A Clean and Healthy Home, DVD
AAYC01D         Asthma, Asthma You Can’t Stop Me, DVD
TGB01PD         The Germ Busters, DVD
LBV01D            The Lice Busters, DVD
SABP01            50 Sexually Aggressive Behavior, Pamphlets
PCOP01           50 Preventing Childhood Obesity, Pamphlets
MCAP01           50 Managing Your Child’s Asthma, Pamphlets
HS99P4            4 Variety (Immunization & Hygiene), Posters
HWMP01         12 Hand Washing Mini Adhesive, Posters
WYH99            100 Wash Your Hands, Stickers
GHS99             100 Good Health Shot!, Stickers

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