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KidSafety of America.

For 30 years, KidSafety of America has offered educational resources to institutions to support parents and educate kids about health and safety. And the journey continues...

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At KidSafety of America, we believe that children live and learn better when they feel healthy and safe. Our mission is to bring health and safety resources to those who work with children and families-parents, caregivers, educators, health and social practitioners.


KidSafety of America is for: Children, Parents, Caregivers & Educators.

Our latest emphasis is to encourage continuous learning in a safer environment post Covid-19. Our most popular educational programs for children, parents and caregivers are now available online for video streaming at affordable prices. Remote learning is possible and it includes, Zoom Training and Workshops.


Meet our founder,
Dr. Peter Deji Osilaja.

Ph.D. founder/CEO, author of most of the programs presented & primary trainer. A victim of abuse himself, both as a child and as an adult, Dr. Osilaja describes himself as an advocator of the vulnerable, particularly children. He is the CEO and founder of KSA Foundation, 2005, and KidSafety of America, 1992. Dr. Osilaja produced and published many of the programs offered on the site in consultation and collaboration with many agencies and experts nationwide.

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My Body is Mine!

Empowering young children to prevent child abuse
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