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Category: Health

Product ID: AEWA01D

Format: DVD

Dimension: 18 minutes


Asthma can be deadly. However, when properly managed, children can live relatively normal lives. Over 5 million American children with asthma have the opportunity to live normal lives with their friends and families in support. From discovery to knowledge, then empowerment and support, the Figueroa’s describe their family experience with their asthmatic daughter, Amanda. Through dramatization and narration we learn about childhood asthma, its symptoms, triggers, treatments and plausible causes. We also learn about the myths and misconceptions surrounding this incurable condition. Also available in Spanish, At Ease with Asthma assures us all that with proper management sick days can reduce, activity can increase. Also available is, Asthma, Asthma You Can’t Stop Me (AAYC01D), video for children.


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