What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick, Book

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180 pages, Softcover

ISBN: 978-0-9701245-0-0

Copyright date: © 2011

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“What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick”, the most popular book in the “What To Do For Health” series, covers the management of more than 50 common childhood illnesses, injuries, and health problems. It is written in easy-to-read language for parents and caregivers of children from birth to 8 years of age.

Among the illnesses discussed:


Sore throat





For each condition, the following questions are answered:

What is it?

What do I see?

What can I do at home?

When do I call the doctor or nurse?

What else should I know about it?

The book is easy to use:

Find page using picture of a child pointing to area of the body for conditions (nose for nosebleed, etc.)

What’s In This Book-A to Z list

Simple to read and understand words and sentences

More than 150 illustrations

What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick was reviewed by doctors, health professionals, and parents of young children to validate usefulness, content and appeal and was designed for people of all reading levels.

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