What To Do For Teen Health, Book

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176 pages, Softcover Book

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“What To Do For Teen Health” provides answers for major concerns and problems that parents will encounter with children during their preteen and teen years – age 8 to 15 years of age. The book’s easy to read and easy to understand style enables parents to quickly move through the text and obtain advice and knowledge that will add to their parenting skills.

This book, written by 2 nurses, provides helpful information about:

Changes that happen to teens.

Dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, smoking, tattoos, gangs, and more.

What you can do to keep your teen safe.

Warning signs of trouble and where to go for help.

What To Do For Teen Health uses easy to read language with matching illustrations. The book explains what the teen is experiencing and how parents can approach the teen. Health and development issues such as eating problems, rules and discipline, anger, and driving, are discussed in an unbiased manner.

Each topic is addressed using these 4 questions:

What is it?

Did you know?

What can I do?

When should I get help?

This book is available in either English or Spanish.


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