What To Do For Healthy Teeth, Book

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208 Pages, Softcover Book

ISBN: 9780972014809

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“What To Do For Healthy Teeth” provides easy to read and use information on the importance of good dental hygiene for the entire family. Poor oral health and tooth decay can lead to malnutrition, behavioral problems in children, and infections that spread to other parts of the body.

Among the tips presented:

Proper brushing and flossing

Pregnancy and dental care


Bottle rot

Tooth accidents

Crowns, braces, bridges, fillings, and root canals

For each section, the following questions are answered:

What is it?

What do I see?

What can I do at home?

When should I call the dentist?

What else should I know?

Dental care has been identified as the greatest unmet need in children. What To Do For Healthy Teeth will help parents and caregivers ensure that the entire family is taking care of their oral health. Available in English and Spanish.


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