Teen Issues Series Set of 47 Books

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* A Teen’s Guide to Coping

* What on Earth do you do when someone dies

* Stress can really get on your nerves

* How to do Homework without Throwing up

* True or False? Tests Stink!

* Cliques, Phonies and other Baloney

* Bullies are a pain in the brain

* How to take the Grrrr out of anger

* What to do when you are scared & Worried

* Parenting Teenagers

* Surviving Your Adolescent

* Early Puberty in Girls

* Discipline From Birth to Three

* Parents, Teens & Sex/ The Big Talk Book

* Beyond The Big Talk

* Everything You Never Want Wanted You

* Surviving Teen Pregnancy

* The What’s Happening to my Body,Boys

* The What’s Happening to my Body,Boys

* Stick up For Yourself

* Please Stop Laughing at Me

* When Nothing Matters Anymore

* Self-Esteem For Tots To Teens

* Fighting Invisible Tigers

* Taking Charge of my Mind & Body

* The Verbally Abusive Relationship

* Your Pregnancy & Newborn.., B

* Feeling Better

* Too Old for This, Too Young for That

* Don’t Sweat It!

* Mates, Dates, & Chocolates Cheats

* Honey, Baby Sweetheart

* Escaping Into the Night

* Perfect Strangers(Love Letters)

* The Deep End of Fear(Deep Secrets)

* Everyone Is Not Doing right!

* Give A Boy A Gun

* Anger management

* What Teens Need to Succeed

* Pos Disc Teenagers

* Parents,Teens/Sex The Big Talk


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