Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 5, DVD

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Children are presented daily with situations, big and small, where they must make a choice. But they often make decisions on the spur of the moment and don’t look ahead to see how that decision could impact them later. Or, they see solutions to problems as yes or no, all or nothing, and overlook better alternative choices. As a parent, you can begin teaching even very young children how to think more clearly and make decisions based on sound reasoning even when you are not there to guide them. On this DVD, you’ll see how to teach children a structured way of looking at a situation or problem. This process helps children describe a situation, consider what options they have in responding to the situation, and finally, choose the solution they think will work best. Building a good relationship with children, teaching them how to say “no” and mean it, how to disagree appropriately, and how to make good decisions will prepare them for times when they are being pressured by their peers to make difficult choices. This DVD shows how you can practice these skills with kids so they can be calm and confident with friends who are persistent in tempting them to make a bad decision.


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