Real Life Teens: Teen Depression, Video

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22 minutes, DVD

ISBN: 709629023475 Depression can be a devastating and debilitating condition for teens. It can interfere with school, social life, family life and virtually every aspect of a teen’s life. Unfortunately, teen depression is common. In this program, teens learn about the real risks of teen depression, how to identify depression and why depression interferes with a teen’s life. Students learn about self-medication and the dangers of trying to solve chemical imbalances themselves along with the warning signs of depression and why it’s important to seek help. This program also touches on the tragedy of teen suicide and what to do if you or a friend needs help. This is real advice for a dangerous and wide-spread health condition among today’s teens. Real Teens speak frankly about their “dark side”. Subjects Covered Include: • Defining depression. • The warning signs of depression. • Identifying the roots of depression. • Depression and home life. • Self-medication. • Self-destructive choices. • Getting help. • Teen suicide.


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