Building Relationships DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 1, DVD

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This DVD is part of the Common Sense Parenting® DVD Series. It features scenes that demonstrate the steps of each parenting skill, commentary from Common Sense Parenting® experts, as well as graphics and music to engage and inform parents looking for ways to solve discipline problems and improve family life. Having warm, close relationships with your children makes raising them the most rewarding effort you may ever undertake. Love, trust, and good feelings between parent and child are like a bank account you can draw on when you must discipline or correct a child’s misbehavior. The more positive your relationship is, the more likely it is that your child will listen to you and try harder to please you. This DVD explores several ways to build a better relationship: Catch your children being good and reward them with your praise and attention. Hold short but regular family meetings and have fun with them. Give your children a voice in family rules and decisions. Create predictable family routines that help children feel secure, and establish meaningful traditions that they will want to carry on into the next generation.


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