Who’s In The Mirror? Finding The Real Me, Book

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137 pgs, Paperback

Young Adult

ISBN: 9781889322209

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Winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. As children mature into adolescence, the impact of their peers, the media, and the surrounding culture can sometimes overwhelm the influence of parents, teachers, and other caring adults, and even their own better judgment. This book helps young people look critically at the world around them–television, movies, the music industry, and even their friends and acquaintances. Included are discussions of getting along with parents and teachers, dating, falling in love, body image, and eating disorders. Readers are given an easy, effective method of problem-solving, useful in dealing with negative peer pressure. The emphasis is on how kids have more power over their lives than they may think and how they can bring about changes to make things better. For ages 13 and up.


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