What to Do for Heavy Kids, Book

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200 pages, Softcover Book

ISBN: 978-0972014847

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“What To Do For Heavy Kids” is the newest book in the “What To Do For Health” series. This book is a must-read for families with heavy kids. It is written in easy-to-read language for parents and caregivers of heavy kids. Among the topics discussed: Who is a heavy kid? Heavy kid feelings / Family feelings Importance of family meals together Healthy meal choices Shopping/paying for healthy food Nutrition Facts Label Importance of exercise TV/Video games/Internet Family support / Self-esteem Eating out Health problems For each chapter, the following questions are answered: What is it? Did you know? What can I do? When should I get help? What To Do For Heavy Kids was reviewed by doctors, health professionals, and parents of heavy kids. We took their suggestions to make this a useful book for people of all reading levels.


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