Understanding Childhood Trauma: The Brain: Effects of Childhood Trauma, DVD

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The Brain: Effects of Childhood Trauma. Trauma in childhood can have devastating effects on the developing brain. Current research confirms that trauma can activate various systems in the brain that actually change neuron response and cognitive pathways. Children who experience on-going high levels of arousal due to trauma will develop systems in their brains that cause them to be constantly hyper-aroused and hyper-vigilant. These changes can result in severe problems for children, adolescents, and adults in learning ability, mood, bonding, and attachment, and in problem-solving. This program offers caregivers, teachers, and health-care providers suggestions for avoiding and dealing with damage to the brain from emotional trauma, with primary emphasis being placed on prevention and timely intervention: “As the brain is organizing, it is waiting for the world to tell it how to structure itself.”


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