Understanding Childhood Trauma: Identifying and Responding to Childhood Trauma Vol. 1, DVD

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Trauma in the life of children from birth to five years of age has a profound impact which intensifies the need for early identification and intervention. Young children are either pre-verbal or inexperienced with verbal language; consequently, they are unable to adequately express their thoughts and feelings or describe threatening life events. In order to understand a child’s behavior and plan for care and intervention, it is necessary for the caregiver, teacher, or health care provider to determine the child’s history and emotional state from other sources. Segments in this program include Determining the Trauma, Guidelines for Caregivers, Non-Verbal Interaction, Significant Loss, Dissociating, Being an Example, and Acceptance. Particular emphasis is given to a discussion on how caregivers and teachers can intervene to build trust and provide guidance, predictability, and support.


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