Understanding Childhood Trauma: Domestic Violence and Childhood Trauma, DVD

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The connection between trauma in childhood and domestic violence later in life is obvious to Jane Middleton-Moz, a relationship and trauma expert featured in this program. She states that “Children who experience domestic violence grow up learning to stuff feelings and emotions. They go through the world in a deep freeze, and have whole parts of themselves cut off. In domestic violence, if a partner wasn’t allowed their vulnerability as a child, then as an adult, if that vulnerability is touched, they will act out their anger for them.” This program also features interviews with Brenda, Tammy, and Jamie, all recovering from the trauma of domestic violence. Brenda, for example, tells the story of the loss of her sister who was killed by her husband who then turned the gun on himself, leaving their two pre-school children orphaned. Ms. Middleton-Moz concludes, “To heal, we must validate that pain, and feel safe enough to start releasing it and to acknowledge very strong parts of ourselves that helped us to survive.”


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