The Home Visiting Video Library, 11 DVDs and 1 Trainer’s Manual PLUS 3 Child Abuse Prevention Video DVDs

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Whether you are a trainer of yet to be home visitors or a supervisor of new and/or even experienced home visitors, you have probably felt that there are countless subtleties and variations to the rules or theories of home visiting.

Ever wished that your staff could be invisible together on a home visit so that afterward you could analyze together how and why you each might have responded and interacted in the same situation. Our Home Visiting Video Library now make this possible.

Effective training for home visitation should ideally balance the learning of principles and methods with practical experience in real life situations where the unexpected frequently occurs. The Home Visiting Video Library consists of 11 videos of actual non-rehearsed home visits. They reflect a diversity of clients’ situations and visitors’ styles, clarifying issues that all visits have in common. Trainers and able to present interactions, discuss them, and then have them available for replay. Each video has on-screen time code identical to time code on the accompanying transcript. The Trainer’s Manual also provides information on the client, key points to look for and discussion questions. Approx. 29 Minutes each.

Product ID and Titles:

THV01D    A Prenatal Visit, DVD
THV02D    Developing Trust, DVD
THV03D    Goal Planning, DVD
THV04D    Promoting Positive Parent-Child Interactions, DVD
THV05D    Working With Multiple Issues, DVD
THV06D    Focusing on Child Development, DVD
THV07D    A Home Safety Evaluation, DVD
THV08D    Building Child and Parenting Skills, DVD
THV09D    Balancing Parent and Child Needs, DVD
THV10D    Safety in Challenging Environments, DVD
THV11D    A Compilation of Short, Teachable Clips, DVD
THV01M   The Home Visiting Manual Binder

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