The Germ Busters, Workbooks

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Product ID: TGBTG01

12 workbooks per pack, 24 pages

Small children will do almost anything to avoid brushing their teeth, taking a bath, or simply washing their hands–until now! The Germ Busters features Kemi and Zemi (stars of the popular Nickelodeon show Roundhouse) disguised as germ fighting crusaders who teach kids how to prevent picking up germs or spreading their own. The program can be purchased as an institutional package which includes, video, 100 stickers, 20 coloring booklets and parent-teacher guide.

TGB01P Video Only $49.95

TGBS01 Roll of 100 Stickers $4.99

TGBTG01 20 Coloring Books $15.80

TGB01PK Complete Package $69.95


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