Teaching Children Self-Control DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 2, DVD

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This DVD is part of the Common Sense Parenting® DVD Series. It features scenes that demonstrate the steps of each parenting skill, commentary from Common Sense Parenting® experts, as well as graphics and music to engage and inform parents looking for ways to solve discipline problems and improve family life. What’s a parent to do when a child blows up, throws a temper tantrum, or freezes you out with the uncooperative, silent treatment? Teaching children how to stay in control when they are frustrated or angry is a difficult parenting challenge. This video gives you the tools to handle emotionally intense situations with your child. Learning how to stay calm yourself is the first step you must take when facing an upset child. Then the DVD demonstrates how you can calm the child down and, once he or she is in control again, do follow-up teaching. Here, the child practices how to behave better when feeling angry or upset. Teaching self-control gives both of you the time and space to calm down and to work toward fewer angry outbursts in the future.


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