Special Needs Children Book Set, (30 Books)

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30 Books, Hardcover/Softcover Book

For Parents, Children


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  • Autism & Me, Hardcover
  • Becky the Brave, Hardcover
  • Best Friend on Wheels, Hardcover
  • Eukee the Jumpy Jumpy Elephant, Paperback
  • Even Little Kids Get Diabetes, Paperback
  • First Signs, Board Book I Can’t Stop, Hardcover
  • Ian’s Walk, Paperback
  • Let’s Eat!, Board Book
  • Let’s Talk about It: Extraordinary Friends, Paperback
  • Moonbird, Paperback Mr. Worry, Hardcover
  • My ABC Signs of Animal Friends, Paperback
  • My Child Has Autism, Paperback
  • Nathan’s Wish, Hardcover
  • Now One Foot. Now the Other, Paperback
  • Out of Sync Child has Fun, Paperback
  • Outside, Board Book
  • Peter, the Knight with Asthma,
  • Hardcover Shubet’s New Friend, Paperback
  • Signs for Me, Paperback
  • Slam Dunk: A Young Boy’s Struggle With Attention Defecit Disorder, Paperback
  • Small Steps, Paperback
  • Some Kids Just Can’t Sit Still!, Paperback
  • Sugar Was My Best Food, Paperback
  • The Alphabet War, Hardcover
  • The Lion Who Had Asthma, Paperback
  • The Survival Guide for Kids with LD, Paperback
  • Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome, , Hardcover
  • Waiting for Benjamin, Hardcover

Titles in set subject to change depending on availability.


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