Shaking, Hitting and Spanking. DVD

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An infant won’t stop crying, a toddler plays with chemicals under the sink, a seven-year-old ignores a call to dinner, an eight-year-old refuses to clean her room — these four scenarios are each shown twice. At first an angry parent loses control and the video stops for discussion. After discussion, the scenario is shown a second time but with positive parenting skills that change the outcome. A stressed-out single mother copes with a crying baby at night. Neither a bottle nor a pacifier stops the crying. A toddler plays on the kitchen floor. When dad leaves the room he pulls potentially dangerous cleaners from under the sink. Michael, a stubborn seven-year-old, rides his bike with friends. When his mother calls him for dinner he refuses. Dad is busy building shelves. Eight-year-old Heather would rather watch him work than clean her own room. How can dad “make” Heather clean her room? Also available in Spanish – “Golpes y Gritos” SHSWI01DS


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