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Product ID: RLTS14

approx. 20 minutes, DVD


For Teens and Educators Many teens are under stress: school, dating, home life, social stress, it can be overwhelming! Too much stress can get in the way of enjoying life, being productive and making good choices. It’s well recognized that stress can lead to health problems and psychological harm. This important episode of Real Life Teens is designed to help teens through the very real issue of stress in their lives. The program covers common areas of stress in a teen’s life: academic stress, social stress and stress from home life. Real teens give real solutions and insights into this important subject. Subjects Covered Include: • Sources of stress. • What a teen can do to reduce academic stress. • Why procrastination can cause stress. • Pressure to “fit in”. • Why It’s important to accept yourself. • How to reduce dating stress. • What to do if there is a serious problem at home. • Solutions to stress.

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