Real Life Teens: Eating Disorders, Video

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Product ID: RLTS15

22 minutes, DVD

ISBN: 709629023499

For Teens and Educators Eating Disorders are a growing concern amongst teens. While positive feelings of self esteem about appearance are important in today’s world often teens put appearance above all else with devastating results. Eating disorders are complex, self-destructive and dangerous issue with physical, psychological and emotional roots. Viewers will learn the difference between anorexia and bulimia and why becoming obsessed with weight can reveal serious underlying issues. Students will discuss and learn some of the common causes of eating disorders. Teens see that both sexes can be affected and that getting help is possible. Real Teens talk about how they feel about their self image and food. Subjects Covered Include: • Why appearance is important. • The difference between anorexia and bulimia. • Why eating disorders are dangerous. • What to do if you suspect an eating disorder. • Why diet pills and fads are dangerous. • Good nutrition for teens. • Where to turn for help with eating disorders.


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