Real Life Teens: Bullies and Harassment on Campus, Video

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Product ID: RLTS06

21 minutes, DVD

ISBN: 709629023437

Teens and Educators This program discusses bullies and harassment on campus and some of the motivations behind a bully’s behavior. Using interviews with teens that bully and teens that have been bullied, this program provides a broad understanding of why bullies do what they do, the best way to handle them and who can be of help in a harassing situation. The program discusses the damage to self-esteem when a student becomes the constant victim of bullying and the ways to avoid conflict and violence on campus. Teens tell us their fears and solutions in this “must watch” program. The program has a recommended companion title: Cyber-Bullying. Subjects Covered Include: • Does bullying exist? • Student harassment. • How to deal with a bully. • The law & it’s involvement with bullying. • School rules to protect from harassment. • How to stand up for yourself. • Where to turn for help with a harassing situation.


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