Real Life Teens: Bill Of Rights At School, Video

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Teens and Educators

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This program covers the complex issues surrounding teens’ rights at school and discusses how their rights on campus are different to that in public. It describes how and why a school is legally allowed to place restrictions on speech, clothes and behavior, while enforcing the student’s basic civil rights. It also explains a student’s rights to privacy and why a school can search a student’s locker, backpack or car on campus with only reasonable suspicion. Teens are shown the importance of obeying school rules and why knowing their rights on campus can reduce fear and replace paranoia with understanding. It describes the Tinker Test and how a student’s freedom can be limited along with the role and responsibility of school resource officers on campus. Real Teens tell us how they feel about their rights. Subjects Covered Include: • Students rights on campus. • Weapons on campus. • The police on campus. • The Tinker Test. • Freedom of expression. • Teachers protection under the law. • School restrictions on freedom of expression. • Where to turn if students suspect their rights are violated.


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