Preventing Problem Behavior DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 3, DVD

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As parents, you want your children to behave well at home, in school, or wherever they are, whether you are with them or not. But sometimes kids have no idea how to handle new situations such as introducing themselves to new classmates. Or, they may repeatedly struggle with familiar, but problem situations for them such as whining when asked to do a chore or refusing to share a toy when playing with others. Many problem behaviors can be prevented or reduced if you teach your children the behaviors you want them to use instead. On this DVD, you’ll see the Common Sense Parenting® technique of Preventive Teaching, showing children what they need to do and say in a future situation and practicing it in advance. Often, what you need to teach a child is an appropriate social skill – how to follow instructions, how to accept “no” for an answer, how to share – to replace the problem behavior. The key to preventing problems is teaching before a potential problem situation occurs, when both you and your child are calm. Preparing children by helping them learn social and life skills not only helps prevent disruptive behavior, but can also save them from experiencing awkward, embarrassing, or even dangerous situations.


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