Pre-K Health and Safety Education Multi-media Package (with Spanish Components)

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Multimedia, Book, Posters, Pamphlets, & DVD


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A comprehensive health & safety educational package for the entire community. Parents, children and caregivers.

Package contains:

SE4300ID     Child Safety Outdoors, DVD

SE4300ISD   Child Safety Outdoors Spanish, DVD

SE4002ID     Child Safety At Home, DVD

SE4006ID     Child Safety At Home Spanish, DVD

MSV03D       Managing School Violence: Pre-k & Elementary, DVD

TRB01D        Timmy Rides the Bus, DVD

TGB01PD     The Germ Buster, DVD

MBIM01H      My Body Is Mine, Book

MBIM01S      My Body Is Mine Spanish, Book

HS99P          2 Health & Safety Posters

HSVP99P     50 Health & Safety Variety, Pamphlets

VS99P          100 Health & Safety Variety Stickers

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My Body is Mine!

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