Learning About Growing Up Series – 3 DVD Set Includes: Boyhood to Manhood, Girlhood to Womanhood, Sex and Responsibility

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With the goal of creating a safe, friendly environment in which to stimulate discussion about the transition from childhood to adulthood and some of the responsibilities that accompany these changes, this series offers the various perspectives of sixth-graders in their classroom, people on the street and experts such as doctors, counselors and teachers. Intercut with information about the physiological process of puberty, are animated diagrams along with live-action footage demonstrating the sometimes confusing and overwhelming impact of puberty on teens emotions. Additional topics include platonic relationships, maturity, abstinence, pregnancy, STD’s and AIDS. After students have viewed the programs, they will feel more comfortable to ask their own questions, to share their feelings and experiences, and to feel more knowledgeable and confident about the road that lies ahead. This three DVD series includes: Boyhood to Manhood, Girlhood to Womanhood, Sex & Responsibility. Boyhood to Manhood: This program covers the topics of sex drive, hormones, the role of the pituitary gland, physiological changes, self-esteem, emotional turmoil, friendships, sexual activity and intercourse, platonic relationships, maturity, abstinence, pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Girlhood to Womanhood: This program discusses the emotional turmoil that accompanies adolescence, being able to talk about feelings & the physiological changes that occur during puberty. Topics include hormones, menstruation, ovulation, and reproduction. Sex & Responsibility: This program explores subjects including sex, emotional awareness, physical responsibility & the various methods of birth control. Emphasized throughout are concepts of choice, consequences and how to avoid peer pressure and/or say no.


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