Immigrant Stories for Children 0-5, Book Set

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30 books, softcover / hardcover


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For children ages 0-5

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Sample list of book set:

• The Keeping Quilt , Softcover, 32 pages
• The Morning Chair , Softcover, 32 pages
• The Remembering Stone , hardcover, 32 pages
• Angelina’s Island , Hardcover, 320 pages
• At Home in a New Land, Hardcover, 64 pages
•  Good-Bye: 382 Shin Dang Dong, Softcover, 32 pages
• Grandfather’s Journey, Softcover, 32 pages
• I Hate English, Softcover, 32 pages
• Just Like Home , Softcover, 32 pages
• Molly’s Pilgrim , Softcover32 pages
• My Chinatown , Harcover, 32 pages
• The Trip Back Home , Softcover32 pages
• When I Was Young in the Mountains, Softcover, 32 pages
• When This World Was New , Hardcover, 32pages
• Waiting for Papá / Esperando a Papá , Hardcover,32 pages
• Going Home , Softcover, 32pages
• My Name Is Jorge on Both Sides of the River , Softcover, 49pages
• My Shoes and I , Softcover, 32pages
• Amelia’s Road , Softocver, 32 pages
• Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English, Softcover, 40pages
• Going Home, Softcover, 32 pages
• La Mariposa , 40 pages
• Papi’s Gift , Hardcover, 32 pages
• Side by side: Story of Dolores Huerta and César Chávez, Hardcover, 32 pages
• The Christmas Gift/El regalo de Navidad , Softcover, 32 pages
• Tomás and the Library Lady , Softcover, 40 pages
• How I Learned Geography , Harcover, 32 pages
• A Thanksgiving Story How Many Days to America, Softcover, 32pages

All titles are subject to change based on availability. Individual titles are available for purchase, with a minimum order of 25 copies.

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