I’m Not Happy, Hardcover

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32 pages, illustrated, hardcover, full-color, 7¾” x 9½”

ISBN: 978-1-57542-373-9

Grades K-5

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Big feelings are part of daily life for small kids, and happiness just isn’t always within reach. Unwelcome events, from a broken toy to a missing pet, bring on sad feelings that can darken kids’ days. In this charming feelings book, follow along as Ben helps cheer up his friends and shows how kids can turn sadness into smiles.

Part of Free Spirit’s new series of Our Emotions and Behavior books, I’m Not Happy uses simple, easy-to-read text to present positive coping skills for children to use when they feel sad. The book’s gentle humor and colorful illustrations will appeal to kids, and happiness might not seem so far away after all by the end of the story.

The book also includes a series of pictures following the story, inviting children to use their own words to tell a story about helping others who feel unhappy. In addition, a special section offers adults questions to get kids talking feelings, and suggests positive coping skills for children dealing with sadness. Ideal for home and K–3 classroom settings.

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