Helping Kids Succeed in School DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 6, DVD

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Many children at times have problems related to school from getting homework done, to following school rules, or getting along with classmates. For some, problems are the result of academic deficits, such as reading or comprehension skills. But for other children, it is their disruptive behavior or lack of appropriate social skills that leads to trouble at school. This Common Sense Parenting® DVD shows what parents can do at home and in partnership with the school to help improve children’s academic performance and school behavior. To address academic performance, you can encourage your child to read, be positive about school activities, establish a time, place, and rules conducive to studying and doing homework, and ask the school for extra tutoring help if needed. The DVD also gives you tips on what you can do to help children improve their behavior, follow the school’s code of conduct, and meet teachers expectations. It outlines five behaviors you can teach your child at home that will serve him or her well in the classroom, too. Finally, learn what to do to stay informed of your child’s progress, get to know and work cooperatively with school staff to resolve any problems, and enlist teachers and school administrators as partners in helping your child succeed.


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