Getting Men Involved Educational Package, Multi-media (w/ Spanish Components)

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Children need the influence of responsible adults in their lives. Parents are most likely to provide such support. Fathers, sometimes absent or usually laid–back, can be encouraged to get more involved. Men bring a male perspective to child rearing. KidSafety of America is proud to promote Male Involvement and Parenting education resources.

Product ID and Titles:

GMI02D                Getting Men Involved Video, DVD
YMAFC01D           Young Men As Fathers Video for Caregivers, DVD
YMAF01D             Young Men As Fathers Video for Teens, DVD
YMAF01DS           Young Men As Fathers Video For Teens in Spanish, DVD
DMYFP01D           Developing and Maintaining A Young Fatherhood, DVD
GMI01                   Getting Men Involved, Book
SKF01                    50 Fatherhood, Pamphlets
MIP02L                 Male Involvement, Poster
FP02L                   Getting Men Involved, Poster
QCPFM1               Fatherhood and Male Involvement, Quiz Cards

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