Getting Men Involved: Developing and Maintaining a Young Fatherhood Program, DVD

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Two fatherhood educators from one of the nation’s original premier fatherhood programs, the National Latino Fatherhood Institute (NLFI) describe the history and state of their fatherhood training program. In detail they share the processes they went through in establishing and then maintaining their program. If you are looking to establish a fatherhood program or looking for ways to improve your current program, then you must see this video. Bi-lingual. Developing and Maintaining a Young Fatherhood Program is part of the popular Getting Men Involved (GMI) video program. Series Titles are: GMI: Developing and Maintaining a Young Fatherhood Program, GMI: Motivating Young Fathers. For Caregivers and Educators, GMI: Recruiting Men in Education and Childcare for Administrators, GMI: Young Men as Fathers. Spanish Version, GMI: Young Men as Fathers for Teens and Young Men.


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