Family Violence Prevention Multi-media Package

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This video program examines family violence and its impact on children. It defines, explains, and suggests prevention, response, and treatment approaches. ” Highly Recommended ***1/2″ – Video Librarian, August 2011. Read the full article here.

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An Overview: For Caregivers and Educators For Parents

The package contains the following:

FV101 – Family Violence: Overview (DVD)

FV201 – Family Violence: Impact on Children for Educators and Caregivers (DVD)

FV301 – Family Violence: Impact on Children for Parents (DVD)

FVP01 – 50 Family Violence Prevention Pamphlets

QCPF1 – Family Violence Prevention, Quiz Card Pack

FTF01 – A Family that Fights (Book)

SHPT01 – Emotional Abuse (Poster)

SHPT02 – Physical Abuse (Poster)

SHPT03 – Sexual Abuse (Poster)

SHPT04 – Neglect (Poster)

SHPT05 – Verbal Abuse (Poster)

WAB99 – 100 Walk Away Before (Stickers)


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