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30 books, softcover / hardcover


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Mixed Titles: For Ages 0-5, 6-12, teenagers, parents and caregivers.

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Sample list of book set:

• A Bus of Our Own, Paperback, 32 pages
• A Sweet Smell of Roses, Hardcover, 32 pages
• Africa Dream, Paperback: 32 pages
• An Apple for Harriet Tubman, Hardcover: 24 pages
• An Illustrated Treasury of African American Read-Aloud Stories, Hardcover: 32 pages
• Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions, Paperback: 40 pages
• At the Crossroads, Paperback: 32 pages
• Afghanistan: One World, Paperback, 16 pages
• Ancient China, 48 pages
• Beneath My Mother’s Feet, Hardcover, 208 pages
• Child of the Owl, Paperback: 288 pages
• China: One World, Paperback, 16 pages
• Culture Shock! Philippines : A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, Paperback, 352 pages
• Dream Soul, Paperback, 256 pages
• A KIDS GUIDE TO LATINO HISTORY, Paperback: 192 pages
• A Surprise Party, Boardbook: 22 pages
• Adelita : A Mexican Cinderella, Hardcover
• Camino Al Primer Grado: Start First Grade With Confidence, Paperback: 121 pages
• Celebrate! It’s Cinco de Mayo / ¡Celebremos! ¡Es el Cinco de Mayo!, Paperback: 32 pages
• Como Estimular El Cerebro Infantil: Una Guia Para Padres De Familia, Paperback
• Corn Is Maize, Paperback: 40 pages
• Anpao, Paperback: 256 pages
• Bearwalker, Hardcover: 224 pages
• Buffalo Bill: Frontier Daredevil, Paperback: 192 pages
• Crazy Horse: Young War Chief, Paperback: 208 pages
• Do All Indians Live in Tipis?: Questions and Answers from the National Museum of the American Indian , Paperback: 256 pages
• Geronimo: Young Warrior, Paperback: 176 pages
• Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher, Paperback: 32 pages
• Indian Captive, Paperback: 320 pages
• Indian Shoes, Hardcover: 80 pages

All titles are subject to change based on availability. Individual titles are available for purchase, with a minimum order of 25 copies.



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