CPR for Infants and Children, DVD Spanish

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Product ID: CPRV01DS

28 min, DVD

ISBN: 188441382X

When the infant or child in your care has no pulse, is not breathing, is choking or unconscious, you know you have a medical emergency situation. Call 911 or your local emergency center for help. The immediate seconds before medical help arrives are however crucial. Learn CPR! Many who work with children are encouraged, even mandated to learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and first aid. This video, Infant and Child CPR, is designed not to replace hands on CPR and first aid trainings but to supplement them. Use this video to remind everyone of their life preserving role in cases of infant and child emergencies. Also available in English. Video covers: Infant: Unconscious, Unconscious Choking, Conscious Choking, CPR & Child: Unconscious, Unconscious Choking, Conscious Choking, CPR.


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