Correcting Misbehavior DVD, Common Sense Parenting Vol 4, DVD

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When your children misbehave, do you find yourself yelling, issuing threats and warnings, or even giving up and walking away if the negative behavior continues? This DVD can show you how to stop misbehavior and turn the problem situation into an opportunity to teach your child a better way to behave. The Common Sense Parenting® technique of Corrective Teaching stops negative behavior, delivers a consequence, and teaches children a positive, alternative behavior. First, you will learn how using both positive and negative consequences can help you change children’s behavior. Praise, attention, rewards, and privileges are positive consequences that you can use to encourage your child to repeat good behavior. Negative consequences like removing a privilege or giving a chore can discourage a child from repeating bad behavior. Then this DVD shows you the steps to not only getting children to stop misbehaving, but teaching them how to replace the negative behavior with a positive one.


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