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When asked why they participate in organized sports, young athletes rank giving everyone a chance to play and having fun far above winning. But even though forty million kids play youth sports each year, an estimated seventy percent of them quit by age thirteen, and never play again! Why? Here s what they say: It s not fun anymore. The coach played favorites/was too negative. There s too much pressure. In addition, kids are seeing more and more negative behavior by parents and coaches. In one survey, three-quarters of young athletes reported seeing out-of control adults at their games. After twenty years of experience as a teacher and coach, Kevin Kush thinks it s time to create a youth sports environment where character, sportsmanship, and fun are once again priorities. In Competing with Character, he examines the good and the bad going on today on youth playing fields, along the sidelines, and in the stands. He urges us to remember that children look to adults as role models and gives coaches and parents a repertoire of skills to use that demonstrate respect, responsibility, courtesy, and much more to children. Coach Kush gives tips and techniques for teaching young players how to listen to their coaches, get along with teammates, respect their opponents, handle disappointment and adversity, win with class, and lose with dignity. He also discusses other ways to ensure a healthy youth sports experience such as posting rules for spectator conduct. At any level of competition developmental or select, recreation or club, Y league or church league, jayvee or varsity this book can help parents and coaches create youth sports programs that are not only fun and competitive but that also encourage sportsmanship, character development, and life skills for kids.


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