Children’s First Aid Kit

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Parents and Caregivers

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Our Children’s First Aid Kit makes a great companion for active kids and travel.

4 pcs              AINTIBIOTIC OINTMENT
3 pcs              ANTISEPTICS WIPES
1 Pack of 6     Baby Cotton Balls
1 Box             Chidren’s Band Aid. (Assorted Sizes)
5 pcs              Child ID/Medical ID
1 pc                Children’s TOOTHBRUSH
1 pc                Children’s TOOTHPASTE
1 pc                CHOKE TESTER
1 Pack of 5     Cotton Rounds
2 sets             EAR PLUGS with cord
1 pair              EXAM GLOVES
2 pcs              FIRST AID GAUZE
3 pcs              HAND SANITIZER
1 pc                INSTANT COLD PACKS
2 sets             Mask for Children
2 sets             OUTLET PLUGS
2 pcs              Pamphlets
1 pc               Red Pouch
1 pc               Sponge Balls
2 pcs             Vitamin A & D Ointment
1 pc               Whistle

Kits contents are subject to modification base of product availability.


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