Baby On Board: Sleep, Video

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24 minutes, DVD

ISBN: 978-1-60825-948-9

Copyright date: © 2008

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All new parents face sleep-related issues, some mild, some extreme. This program profiles two families suffering from sleep deprivation and in great need of help as they establish bedtime routines. The parents of 11-month-old Lewis let him sleep in their bed, where he breastfeeds throughout the night—exhausting his mom and dad and preventing intimacy between them. Nineteen-month-old Yasmine demands hours of attention from her parents before yielding to sleep; she never stays in her own bed and wakes up regularly to bottle-feed. Teaching calming techniques and a method called progressive waiting, experienced midwife and nurse Gráinne Ryan helps both families get their children into their own beds while reducing nighttime feeding. (25 minutes)


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