Auto-B-Good, Video Series

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Welcome to the City of Auto where character education will connect with children’s fascination of cars and trucks. Auto-B-Good is a character development series featuring 9 animated vehicles, each with his or her own unique personality. A supporting cast of over 50 other vehicles populate this richly diverse community of cars – all sorts of makes and models! Each DVD contains 3 10-12 minute stories.

Product ID and Titles:

ABGPPR1      ABG: Punctuality, Promptness, Ready, DVD
ABGRRD2      ABG: Responsibility, Respect, Dependability, DVD
ABGOSP3      ABG: Obedience, Self-Control, Politeness, DVD
ABGTHK4      ABG: Truthfulness, Honesty, Kindness, DVD
ABGJPC5      ABG: Thankfulness, Generosity, Goodwill, DVD
ABGJPC6      ABG: Joyfulness, Patience, Cooperation, DVD
ABGTCU7      ABG: Tolerance, Consideration, Uniqueness, DVD
ABGPCL8      ABG: Patriotism, Citizenship, Loyalty, DVD
ABGCIS9       ABG: Courage, Initiative, Self-Reliance, DVD
ABGPSS10    ABG: Perseverance, Sportsmanship, Self-Discipline, DVD
ABGIRC11     ABG: Independence, Resourcefulness, Cleanliness, DVD
ABGCFC12    ABG: Courtesy, Fairness, Confidence, DVD
ABGDGD13    ABG: Decency, Goodness, Dignity, DVD
ABGIBD14     ABG: Integrity, Bravery, Determination, DVD
ABGSFG15    ABG: Sharing, Friendliness, Gratefulness, DVD
ABGHES16    ABG: Helpfulness, Enthusiasm, Selflessness, DVD
ABGRWW17  ABG: Restraint, Willpower, Wisdom, DVD
ABGSCH18    ABG: Self-Acceptance, Caring, Hygiene, DVD
ABGDCI19     ABG: Discovering Talent, Commitment, Imaginative, DVD
ABGSFF20    ABG: Slow to Judge, Forgiveness, Friendship, DVD
ABGTHP21    ABG: Trustworthiness, Heroic, Peacefulness, DVD

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