Course Help

Course FAQs (Student)

  • Only students who enrolled by “group codes” or were enrolled manually by an organization, can have a Course Dashboard.
  • To access your course dashboard at anytime, kindly click “COURSES” on the menu, on the dropdown, click “Course Dashboard“.
  1. Request a group code from an organization.
  2. Fill in the form on the enrolment page [To access this page → Click COURSES on the menu, on the dropdown, click “Enrol into a Group“].
  3. Once you successfully filled the form, a link will be provided for you to access your Course Dashboard [To access this page you can also → Click COURSES on the menu, on the dropdown, click “Course Dashboard“].
  1. Certificates are only available after you have passed a quiz.
  2. Your certificate(s) will be available for viewing and download on the “Course Dashboard
  1. Go to the course dashboard page.
  2. Click the log in button 
  3. Click the “Lost Your Password?” button. Follow the onscreen instructions.  

Course FAQs (Organizations)

  • When courses are purchased in bulk, a group is automatically created and the course buyer (organization) is set as the group leader. The group leader can add/remove students in the group and can track their course progress.


  • If you purchase a course (e.g. “How to care for a Child”), that course will automatically come with a group. 
  • You would then be able to create an enrolment code for that group (aka Group Code). 
  • With this group code, a student can easily enrol into the course you just purchased (the student will NOT be enrolled into any other course)
  • Every course you purchase would have their independent group.
  • Only organizations who purchase a course can have a Group Dashboard
  • To access your group dashboard at anytime, kindly click “COURSES” on the menu, on the dropdown, click “Group dashboard“.

With a group code, you can allow multiple students to self enrol into a group/course. It’s easier compared to manually enrolling your students yourself. 

  1. From your group dashboard, click Group Code tab → on the page, click Create Group Code button.

  2. Code:
    The actual code which will be used by students to enroll into your group. It is unique and if you are not sure what code to use, you can simply click on the Generate button to generate a random unique code for you.

  3. From and To Date:
    These fields are used to define the valid date range during which this code can be used.

  4. Validation Rules:
    These are special rules that can be enforced when the group code is used for enrollment. There are 2 types of validation rules

    IP Validation : As the name states, it validates the IP address of the enrolling student using the group code. This can be used if you wish for the group code to be used for registrations/enrollments only from a specific IP Address. ( eg: )

    Domain name validation : You can validate the domain name of the email address used during enrollments using this option. A simple use case for this can be enrolling employees of a company which has a specific email domain for all their employees. ( eg:, )

  5. Status
    The default status for the group code ( Active or Inactive ). A group code can only be used if its status is active regardless of any other settings. You can toggle the switch to active to make the group code LIVE.

  6. Click Submit to proceed.
  7.  Once submitted, click Back at the top right to return to the main group code page.
  8. You can now share the group code and the enrolment URL with your students to have them access the purchased courses. Enrolment URL is (also found on the menu).
  1. From your group dashboard, click “Enrol New User
  2. Insert the first name, last name and email in the provided fields. 
  3. Then click Submit.
  4. The student would then receive an email guiding them on how to log in to take the course. 
  1. From your group dashboard, click Report tab.

  2. Select the course from the drop-down and click on Show Report.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow beside the student’s name to display the progress, quiz statistics, and certificate. 


  • You will be able to view all passed and failed quiz attempts. 
  • The certificate is only issued if the students passes the quiz. 

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