Communicable Skin Diseases. Set of 9 Posters. Unlaminated.

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Product ID: CSDP99U

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Product ID: CSDP99U

14" x 18" Un-Laminated


For School Nurses, Healthcare Providers and Caregivers.

This newly revised, colorful and informative poster series on communicable skin diseases are designed for educators, school nurses and other caregivers. Defines and describes the most common communicable skin diseases in children.

Product ID and Titles:

CSDP01    Chickenpox
CSDP02    German Measles
CSDP03    Head Lice
CSDP04    Measles
CSDP05    Mumps
CSDP06    Ringworm
CSDP07    Scabies
CSDP08    Pink Eye
CSDP09    Impetigo

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